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A Forgotten Idea About the Source of All Creation

This article shares some thoughts about using either truth or reality, to search for, know and understand God. Such thoughts might be of interest to those who have tried to search for God, or other truth seekers at large. As most interested individuals are aware, there are many traditional ways (religion, science, personal experiences, etc.) to search for God.


The overall traditional problem, however, is that “there is no consensus” in several areas on what is the best way to search for and learn more about God or anything else. There are also specific interrelated problems, as there is no consensus about what or who is God; what truth is; what reality is; nor, what the unified field theory is or how it explains how everything fits together. These lacks of agreement impede the effort of any sincere/independent searcher/seeker to learn more about God “in depth”.

Another Possibility?

The writer believes that there is another possibility of learning more about the Creator, i.e. to use a forgotten idea (Truality), which he discovered (1968-89) during a spiritual transformation (Kundalini) experience. In brief, I learned that the Creator gave humanity's first parents the integral concept of Truality to teach and guide the human race about the Creator, the world, life and spiritual living. Our first parents lost the original idea, most likely because they did not fully understand it. Knowledge of the idea disappeared and does not appear to be recorded anywhere in the world's literature. The same information, however, is buried in the subconscious of every human being, but is difficult to access.

The Traditional & Truality Approaches

How do the Traditional and Truality approaches to searching for God compare? Traditionally, sages have used “duality thinking” (also referred to as piecemeal thinking), to separate truth and reality. Truality considers the big picture, and relates all universal connections between truth and reality, by using “holistic thinking”.

Book About Truality

More details about Truality are presented in the writer's first book entitled "On Truality: A Forgotten Idea About the Source of All Creation", which is posted on this site. See On Truality to have access to your free copy of this book in PDF format.

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