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About the Author

George J.V. Kokich, author of "On Truality: A Forgotten Idea About the Source of All Creation"

Personal Background

George Kokich was born in September 1940 in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada. He was blessed to have wonderful and caring parents; many thoughtful relatives and friends; and, an opportunity to learn, grow and mature as a person, and to extensively travel to several countries in North and Central America, Australasia and Europe.

Education and Work Experience.

The author obtained a post-graduate education at seven universities, majoring in cultural and social geography, with minors in history and philosophy. He had an interesting work career, and held management and professional positions for about thirty years, within the strategic policy/planning sector of Canada’s federal government.

Passions in Life.

The author has two lifelong passions. The first is his love of music (especially singalongs), playing the piano-accordian, and being able to musically entertain seniors at large. His second is being a truth seeker, and searching for God/truth in every source possible. His quest applies to all ideas, sciences, religions, and philosophies. It began because of so many questions he had that remained unanswered over the ages, and the nonsense involved with the incredible “gobbledegook answers” given/taught taught by philosophers, scientists, religionists, and educators.

A Changing & Evolving Spiritual Perspective. Without a doubt, the most rewarding benefit that I ever received as a truth seeker, was to realize that my quest for truth included a changing and evolving spiritual perspective:

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