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Comments Received

Readers are welcome to submit comments, feedback or questions to the author by using the contact form which has been provided on the Contact page.

Many comments were received from readers of my first book on Truality. I am very grateful that the majority of the heartfelt comments are congratulatory. The following selected comments focus on substantive  issues, and are also much appreciated.

George J. V. Kokich

A few thoughts, not in any order that I shall share.  This is such a powerful analysis and synthesis of what life is about. The idea that you emphasize concerning the web of ALL life is so much needed in our fractured world. Just as truth and reality cannot be separated, so truth and love cannot be separated. In various ways you have indicated this and it will be interesting  to see in the entire book how often love (compassion,etc) appear. The anecdotes about your father are good examples of this.

Your extensive noting of the need to do away with arguing about God's name is helpful in "breaking down" denominational institutionalism which I believe hinders harmony and spiritual growth. In our world of globalism, we need a global spirituality for , as you have noted, it is the spirit that is the essence of reality.We need an inner "rebirth of spirit" or else humanity will die in one way or another

This book can be a reference, devotional, study guide and motivating force for good for those who are willing to walk the walk. We need to become Goddened (my word) and if  it happens for even a few because of your book, then it will be a blessing and catalyst for an unknown number of persons. Gratefully,  for your life and your commitment to truth, love and what is real in the entire creation.

Rev. Louis Richard Batzler (North Carolina, USA). Author, Journeys On Your Spiritual Path (1982).

I finished reading your piece on Truality today. I think it is very good, and particularly enjoyed reading about the debt that you acknowledge that you owe to your parents in terms of your spiritual development. The story about your dad's first days in Canada, and the story of the black porter who fed him, was especially moving. Your parents were no doubt key factors in the development of your universalist thinking,  since they exposed you to people of various backgrounds and cultures without prejudice. How fortunate you were to have had the parents you did!

I really did enjoy reading about your spiritual journey. It was quite fascinating to witness the various stages. And on it goes into the present. In good faith from your fellow truth- seeker.

J. A. McLean (Ontario, Canada). Author, Dimensions in Spirituality, 1994.

Some deep thought and philosophical analysis has gone into your commendable effort on a very difficult and controversial topic that has plagued mankind from the first day man first opened his eyes and walked this earth. One wonders if Man had the mental capacity in the first days of his creation whether at the hand of God (ie. Adam) or by evolutionary process (Darwinian theory) to introspectively pose the obvious question "How did I get here?" Could the early caveman have concerned himself or even have the mental acumen to delve into such intellectual analysis. At what point would man have developed that ability?

I commend your efforts to even dare to throw yourself into this controversial topic. I am honored to read your book but will take my time to go through it and digest it.

R.B. (Quebec, Canada)

I have just read your treatise on your upcoming book On Truality.   I needed my  tissues to read of your father's experience which so contributed to your own outlook on life.

It is so true, that generally, the average person does not think about evolving one's own consciousness towards "God Consciousness".  Perhaps the person is afraid as to what that contemplation might reveal. Just maybe evolving to the height of one's consciousness will, in fact, reveal the original Truality.  I, for one, will definitely continue on the upward and outward path.
Thank you for your work, and I look forward to your second book.

Audrey B.  (Kanata, Ontario, Canada)

My sincere congratulations on your work and thank you for helping so many people
to move up into greater Light. I wish you much success with your work. Blessings,

Regiena Heringa (Quebec, Canada)

The major thing for me was the concept of joining truth with reality and to where this takes me. I feel it is timely in that we have less than 50 years in my estimation to turn things around. A new spirituality must evolve which is inclusive vs being divisive or we all end up blinded. The coverage of the philosophy behind the concept was helpful. The quote, "A spiritual path is the daily journey of living," George Kokich, best sums up the Truality concept of living.

I think any new light shed upon man's search for meaning, the big three questions about life, or his place in the cosmic order is good dialogue. Your approach defines the terms to be looked into and thus the reader is able to follow along on the points put forward. This book has opened new vistas of thought into the order of truth, reality, duality, and how it all came to be from the big bang.

In the second book I would love to see how the concept of Truality came to you. Did other spiritual manifestations arrive concurrently with this? Did this open new insights into your life and how did this change you on a day to day basis? How do you feel Truality will be of benefit to man in his present state of illusion/delusion? How can man incorporate Truality in his life, day by day, on his journey of living, to truly make his act of living a spiritual journey? Would love to read your next story, which answers some of these questions, plus your overall spiritual unfoldment (like the rose bud) and experiences.

People need to read that a modern human has had spiritual experiences, not just what they read in the bible or any other religious source. Make it real for them, and you will have a run away bestseller on your hands. All I can add George, is that your own anecdotal experiences are priceless, tell them. The world awaits...Best wishes,

Mike Woodley (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Impressive reviews indeed of your first book on Truality! Thank you for directing me to your website.

The measure of godliness is the extent to which an individual takes the stand to be responsible.Generally speaking,even though we are constantly creating - e.g. our own life, we seldom take full responsibility for what we create.

As I shared with you over the phone the progress of my thinking on this topic and, you patiently listened, GOD - an acronym...a Generator, Operator and Dissolver - is the one who has taken responsibility for everything everywhere from beginning to end.

As humans we are all pseudo, semi or demi gods aspiring to know and become we progress on our spiritual journey, which will inevitably lead us to that consciousness. That is where the journey ends, the work is done and the fun begins. Keep us tantalized with your next book on how you discovered Truality.

Edward Atraghji, Yoga Teacher (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Thank you very much for giving me the honor to read your book On Truality. The most benefit for me was to start to review my own spiritual evolution. During the period of my education, raising children and advancing in business life, I did not have time to think a lot about spirituality. Living in the former Yugoslavia, where we were educated under the strong influence of ideas by Marx and Engels, and choosing to study technical studies, spirituality and looking for truth were not my main subjects.

I think that your book is a big help for all who want to start to do more for their spiritual life. I thank you for that and look forward to reading your next book. God bless you and your family.

Zivko Knezevic (Penzberg, Germany)

Congratulations, George! You must be thrilled that your book is creating so much interest.  It was generous of you to post it free of charge. Clearly, there are many who find in it inspiration as they travel their spiritual path…which is no doubt your ultimate objective. Your research and dedication are awesome! With blessings on your future endeavours.

R. S. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

I just want to thank you for sharing your info in your book (Truality).  I plan to read eventually all the books you have recommended, but for sure, I'm looking forward to read your ongoing writing project. I do hope to find in it answers to questions you have raised (implicitly or explicitly) in your book on Truality.  For example, how is your understanding and experience of things positioned relative to the opinions or expertise of the authors that you have recommended. I also hope to learn more about your kundalini experience. As much from a testimony perspective than from a more academic perspective; especially because your own experience has been ''stretched'' on such a long period. In the meantime, best of wishes and my sincere gratitude!

M. T. (Gatineau, Québec, Canada)

Congratulations on your first book.  The only resource I believe that can be left in this world is knowledge and the understanding that “the purpose of life is life itself”.  Your father’s philosophy has been carried forth by you. I will always remind him fondly.  I hope your voice of reason and tolerance will reach others.  Thanks for keeping me posted.

H. K. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I have read your fascinating new booklet, and would like to congratulate you for your bold attempt to help us understand one of the great mysteries of our lives - how to find a concept called “GOD”.

J.T. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

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