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FAQs on Truality

Frequently Asked Questions on Truality

1.What is Truality?

Generally, Truality is a forgotten idea about the Source of all creation. The idea was given by the Creator to humanity's first parents, to teach and guide the human race about the Source and everything in life. Our parents lost the idea, however, probably because they didn't fully understand it.

2. Is There a Synonym for Truality?

The word Truality is not found in any religion, science, or philosophy. Truality, however, is a synonym for Source or God. The original idea of Truality is simply defined as the Source of all relationships between Truth and Reality.

3. How is Truality Related to Truth and Reality?

Truality is a broader integral mega-concept, which includes both Truth and Reality. The integral characteristic of Truality includes detailed universal truth and reality principles and guidelines, which are not presented in the world's literature at large.

4. How is Truth Defined?

Sages have given many definitions of Truth. Broadly speaking, Truth can be objectively defined as the infinite totality of everything that is known and not known, and which exists or does not exist.

5. How Is Reality Defined?

Similarly, sages have given many definitions of Reality. Broadly speaking, Reality can be subjectively defined as the infinite totality of all perceptions of everything that is known and not known, and which exists or does not exist.

6. How Did I Discover Truality?

My discovery of Truality was not found in any book, not heard from another person, nor experienced as a sudden flash of inspiration. The actual discovery occurred progressively, as I evolved as a truth seeker, and had multiple informative psychic and mystical experiences. In the mid-1970s, I became aware of the “general idea” of Truality. Thereafter, I then continued to expand my awareness by elaborating the integral nature of Truality.

7. What Does Truality Mean to Me Personally?

Truality has completely changed my life from basically being a materialistic to an energized spiritual person. I am continuing to evolve, and am becoming more Source-conscious in every way possible. Becoming more connected to our Source in this lifetime, has been the most exciting adventure during my spiritual journey so far.

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